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Video Calls & Conferencing


Have live video conference meetings with your colleagues or team which makes sense for companies/individuals who seek to communicate face-to-face online rather than indulge in the “wasteful” cost to the business in forcing people to travel to meet in a single location. This video conferencing meeting can be scheduled using shared calendar.

Screen Sharing

Collaboration is efficient and easier when you can share your computer screen with someone remotely especially when you want to do an illustrative presentation, tutorial in real time. By sharing your screen share information without ever having to send any files as the recipient can only view the material and interacts with you using video conferencing. Fexspace video conferencing connection stability and image quality during remote screen sharing are excellent.

Secure communication

With the ever-growing utilization of cloud collaboration, everyone wants some form of secure communication within your company or contacts. You can rely on the Fexspace video conferencing platform to make communication and collaboration easier for your team without being worried about by data breaches as sensitive data and conversation needs to be protected.

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