Secure Cloud Storage Built for Personal and Enterprise Use

Work with your files from anywhere, anytime.

Sync Files to Your Secured Cloud Space

Access your files anytime, away from your office, and work seamlessly while automating manual processes and workflows. Manage your files in your secure cloud workspace and facilitate its accessibility across multiple devices.

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Read and Edit Your Files from Anywhere

You can work on your office files from anywhere without setting up a complex network. Supported file formats include but are not limited to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, JPEG, PNG, MP3, and MP4.

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Establish an Intelligent Workflow

Having all of an organization’s files in one repository can reduce operational downtimes and improve administrative effectiveness.

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Share Files/Folders and Collaborate with Your Team

Store and organize your team’s work files in a shared and secure space. Create files and invite users to view or edit them. You can also create a shared folder so that your team can collectively have access to files within the folder.

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Create A Public Folder For Your Organization

Create a main folder with access privileges and achieve data loss prevention, visibility, control, and compliance with corporate data protection and security policy while maximizing the advantage of scalability and performance.

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Create Your Cloud WorkSpace

Staying connected to your team and making successful strides.

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