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Team Collaboration

Manage your teams, stay connected, flexible and productive. Get work done anytime, anywhere with the right tools and collaboration strategies.

Cloud File Management

Manage your personal and project files in your secured cloud workspace and access them across multiple devices.

Seamless Communication

The important tools you need to communicate and share content with teams are organized in one place.

More Features

Simplify your workflow and get more done

Your organization depends on effective collaboration between teammates, clients, or external partners to get the most important things done. Fexspace helps everyone to communicate, work remotely on files, manage tasks and deadlines all in one secure place.

Bring global offices together on Fexspace

Fexspace is where work flows; it's where your team comes together, the files you need to work and the tools you need are organized to get things done faster.

Your team or organization feeds

Stay updated with information around your organization with Fexspace feeds.

Remote meetings with video conferencing and chat

Hold unlimited video conference meetings with your team and achieve uninterrupted collaboration and speed in decision making.

Manage your corporate data internally

You can deploy Fexspace on a self-hosted cloud server or within your corporate local area network. infrastructure and have complete management control of your collaboration workspace. Seamless deployment and integration with existing infrastructure and business processes without any data leaving your corporate internal network.

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