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Fexspace started in 2014 when the lead developers of a tech startup came up with a desire to solve team collaboration and remote work challenges faced by corporate organizations. Since then, we have consistently been working on our dreams. We will continue to stay focused on achieving our goals.

At Fexspace, we offer the best tools, cloud file management and team collaborations for personal and corporate needs

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Fexspace has tremendously changed and impacted the way work is done. From productivity tools to collaboration tools, you can easily work anywhere, manage your team projects, accomplish tasks and seamlessly communicate with team members to ensure they're on top of all your deadlines while staying focused on priorities to boost productivity

Our #StayAtHome Gift To You

We are giving you a 2 months subscription upgrade for all plans, excluding the enterprise plan.

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Fexspace: Having All Your Collaboration Tools in One Place Can Increase Productivity


Fexspace offers a range of dynamic technical and non-technical career opportunities. We create a rewarding work environment where people are valued for their ideas and are given the opportunity to realize their full potential.

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